At Life Journey we seek to make a big deal about connecting. Regardless of what we're going through, we are created to be connected to each other. We connect in a variety of ways, but the two major ways we connect are in Community Groups and through Volunteer Teams.


Our Fall 2016 groups will begin meeting in September. These groups are opportunities for you connect more directly with other people in our church and community in meaningful ways. We have a time each Sunday morning for discussion, questions/answers, etc, but community groups allow us to continue that conversation in a smaller environment.  Click on the link below to see the group opportunities and to email the group leader for meeting details.

Our heartbeat for Life Journey Church is that it would be a church built around these small groups and for these groups to be the primary place for connection and community within our church. The goal is to have 10-14 people in each group who do life together on a regular basis. There will certainly be elements of teaching and Bible study in this setting, but the greater goal is for people to experience life and community together within their groups and most importantly to be cared for there. These groups regularly enjoy fun together and serve our community in meaningful ways!



Kids are a huge priority for us at Life Journey Church.  We understand that Church must be relevant to all and most importantly to kids.  As a result we’ll have a whole separate “JOURNEYKIDS” environment each Sunday while the adults and teenagers meet in their own space. 

“JOURNEYKIDS” is geared to help kids connect with God on their level.  There is action, games, fun, and excitement.  All the fun and action is aimed at teaching the children the same truths that their parents and older siblings are learning, but on their level.  Our goal is that your kids will beg you to come to Church every Sunday!

We use a teaching tool called "The Gospel Project" which creatively connects kids with the big picture of the Bible: God's Story of Himself!

If you're planning a visit to Life Journey soon, please go ahead and pre-register youself and your children. This will cut down on your time at the Check-In table at your first visit! Click here for our Child-Wellness Policy.



Water baptism symbolizes a person's union with Christ in the likeness of His death, burial, and resurrection. It signifies the truth that your former life has been put to death, thus releasing you from the mastery of sin, and a brand new life has been given to you. This new life is created in the very image of God, in true righteousness and true holiness (Eph 4:24). Life Journey Church practices and teaches believer's baptism, meaning one is baptized in water after one has begun trusting in Jesus.

We conduct baptisms regularly throughout the year during our Sunday Gatherings.


Community Engagement

It just makes sense to be as engaged as possible with the community in which we live. Crozet is an amazing place to live, to raise a family, to grow roots, and to do live with others! We try to be as engaged as we can with our community through both our community groups and church wide events. Our groups think of ways they can engage the community in meaningful ways and our entire church comes together around some major Crozet events like the Crozet Independence Day Celebration, Angel Tree, WAHS Spirit Shirts, PeachTree Day, and other events.

We'd love for you to join in with us as we create opportunities to engage with our amazing community!



We seek to mobilize as many people at Life Journey to places around the world to engage in strategic village support.  In short, we partner with missionaries in the field who are engaging in planting churches.  We come along side these missionaries to help them in their strategic plan to plant churches in the villages they are serving.  We do not desire to engage in short term trips without this partnership with church planters on the field.  We want to be a part of their plan to reach people with the good news.

Currently we are engaged with this strategic support in a remote jungle village in the highlands of Guatemala called Pakim. We recently replaced the roof on their school and painted the school buildings. View our latest video!